”Adam’s Soul and His Sense of Smell!”

I am not aware of the explanation of why incense is burned in eastern religions or if they can explain via their religious texts how it works. Yet in our modern world many people are running to the ancient eastern mystical religions trying to find fulfillment and answers to life’s many questions but what I found astonishing was the evidence and answers the bible gives regarding these questions. I put it to you today that there is no greater source of Wisdom in all of creation than YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Torah.

So how does the Torah explain the use of incense and its benefits? Why is it that out of all YHVH’s (The LORD’s) created beings Adam is the only one obsessed with the way he smells? Many other creators depend heavily on their sense of smell for survival and acceptance, but none obsess as much about smelling good as Adam does, for Adam bad smells are undesirable and embarrassing why is this? For the answer we must go back to Bereshit (Genesis), back to the very beginning, back to The Garden of Eden.

The Jewish sages give us amazing insight. They say that the sense of smell was not involved in the ‘’Fall’’ and therefore retains a small amount of its purity and spiritual powers it had from before the fall. The reason for their belief is that in the Torah’s description of the fall the sense of smell is strangely omitted from the description of events that unfolded during one of the greatest and most important events of mankind’s history.

It is written ‘’So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate.’’ Gen 3:6

She ‘’heard’’ the serpent speak.

She ‘’saw’’ the tree.

She ‘’touched’’ the tree.

She ‘’ate/tasted’’ the fruit.

As we can see from the above statements the sense of smell was not recorded as being involved in the fall and very well may not have been. I tend to agree with the sages because of my own experience with sin, it always excites every sense but never satisfies. I have always been left thinking arghhh, that wasn’t quite as good as I thought it was going to be! Why is this so? We are all aware that without the sense of smell you can only taste sour, bitter, sweet and salty. It is our sense of smell that allows us to experience the full blessing of the flavors YHVH (The LORD) has put in His creations for the sole purpose of giving us pleasure. If indeed Chavah’s (Eve’s) sense of smell was not involved in her eating of the fruit can you imagine what a huge disappointment it must have been? Without any doubt in my mind this was a small taste of the impending catastrophic plunge into the ever unsatisfying intimate knowledge of evil. This is exactly what we still experience with the satan today. Everything he offers, gives us the same unsatisfying experience and the absurd thing about it all is, we all have been falling over and over gain for the exact same tactic for thousands of years!

So why did the nose or sense of smell refuse to join the rebellion? It is written,

‘’And YHVH (The LORD) Elohim (God) formed man of the dust of the ground, and ‘’breathed’’ into his ‘’nostrils’’ the breath of life; and man became a living soul.’’ Gen 2:7

HaleluYah! Did you see it?

At Adam’s creation mankind was blessed to have the most intimate experience of all creation with YHVH (The LORD), He first lovingly touched and formed us as does a potter with his prized vessel and then brought His Face close to ours and breathed some of His very Essence into our nostrils and the text records that we became a Living Soul, HaleluYah! There is nothing that has been created, or better yet, there is no record of anything created having such an intimate experience with The Creator. What does that make you feel? Or should we be saying, what should that make us all feel!? If only we understood what we mean to Him. I can tell you this, we meant enough to Him that He would send His Son to die for us. Let me pose this question to you, what could you possibly create that would mean so much to you that you would send your son to die to get it back? That fact just boggles my mind! Oh, that we would have ears to hear and eyes to see, hearts to love and fear and mouths to SHOUT of His Amazing LOVE! What kind of LOVE is this!? Abba may you open our eyes to see your Heart! Forgive me, that was not in my plan to share, it just came into my heart as I was writing and I am going to leave it here, maybe someone somewhere needs to hear these words today. If it’s you, the Palmist left a personal message for you,

‘’…Today, if you hear His Voice do not harden your heart…’’ Ps 95:7-8

But I digress where were we…. ah yes, our noses. Could it be that Abba physically touched our noses with His Nose or with His Mouth? I believe this is very possible and that it is the reason that the belief that the sense of smell did not get involved in the fall is very plausible. If this is true our noses are sacred Spiritual ground, so to speak, and there are reasons to believe this to be true from our olfactory experiences. Could this be the reason why we can almost time travel through our sense of smell? I don’t think there is any other sense that can bring back memories in such potency and graphic detail as our sense of smell? Could this be the reason our noses are directly involved in our process of decrement in all areas of our lives? Sound far-fetched? Then why do we say things like ‘’I smell a rat’’ or ‘’there is something fishy going on’’ when our ‘’sixth sense’’ perceives that all is not as it physically seems. By these statements we all use all to often, it seems we are all well aware of the fact that our sense of smell is directly linked to our sixth ‘’spiritual’’ sense. I put it to you that one’s eyes are the windows ‘’into’’ the soul and could it be that our noses are the windows for our Souls to look ‘’out’’ into this world?  I believe Scripture proves this to be so. But before we look at that evidence let’s see what evidence science gives us. Anatomically science tells us that all of our other senses must pass a myriad of obstacles for their messages to reach our brains except for one sense. That’s right you guessed it. Our sense of smell has an almost direct high speed connection to our brain’s limbic system and our limbic system plays a major role in controlling our emotions, motivation, our learning abilities, memory and sexual arousal. I find it truly amazing that aromatic substances have such an extremely influential effect on all these facets of our being.

As a quick side note on sexual arousal, this is the reason The Bible’s erotic chapters found in the book of The Songs of Solomon show us strong ‘’Soul ties’’ or ‘’covenant bonds’’ between lovers, whilst giving us reference after reference to aromatic substances being a major part of their interaction with each other. I believe that many marriages would have deeper and more intimate soul connections and therefore would be flourishing if we would just look to The One who designed us and to His Words for advice on intimacy. This subject is of great significance, one I am very passionate about, but unfortunately this is not the right time to address it in full, YHVH (The LORD) willing we will be able to discuss it at a later stage.

I was watching my nine month old daughter Chavah the other day crawling around on the lounge floor and she did something that amazed me. Everything she ‘’saw’’ she ‘’picked up’’ and put into her ‘’mouth’’ and it struck me how her source of knowledge is through ‘’sight’’ ‘’touch’’ and ‘’taste’’ just as her name sake Chavah received knowledge through ‘’sight’’, ‘’touch’’ and ‘’taste’’. Because of the topic we are discussing the question immediately popped into my mind is, how much of her sense of smell is involved in all of this? I believe it’s probably involved in a significant way, however is interesting is the fact that a baby can put their hands in their poop and without any hesitation put that very same hand into their mouths! Makes you wonder if their sense of smell went on vacation for 5mins! Or could it be that somehow during those first months of life as every human gains ‘’knowledge’’ every one of us goes through a similar process as the process described by Torah? I believe this to be so.

Ok, so what does The Torah have to say about the link between our souls and our sense of smell?

1) Our most intimate experience with your creator was via our noses.

2) Our Creator placed our souls into us through our noses.

I think that is pretty convincing don’t you think? But there is more. It is written.

‘’For the ‘’life’’ of the flesh is in the ‘’blood’’, and I have given it for you on the altar to make atonement for your souls, for it is the ‘’blood’’ that makes atonement by the ‘’life’’.’’ Lev 17:11

(This is a great example of how important it is to look at the original Hebrew text for understanding, and HaleluYah, in our modern world we all have free access to the original Hebrew texts. Simply download a copy of the ‘’e-sword’’ pro gramme which has the original Hebrew and Greek texts as well as concordances for the meanings of the Hebrew and Greek words.)

The Hebrew word translated as ‘’life’’ in the above text is the Hebrew word ‘’nephesh’’. In Strong’s concordance, number H5314, this word is usually translated as ‘’Soul’’. HaleluYah this is so amazing!

Ok, so what does this all mean? Let’s recap. The ‘’soul’’ resides in the ‘’blood’’ and one of the fastest ways to access your blood and therefore Soul, naturally, is by inhaling a substance which goes straight from our noses into our lungs and into our blood streams. So if you wanted to affect a ‘’Soul’’ change in a natural way the easiest way would be to inhale a substance and that is exactly what happens when using anointing oils or incense. This, I believe, is the answer The Torah gives as to why all temples burn incense as part of their worship services, as the incense alters the worshipers ‘’Soul’’ through inhalation, enabling them to calm down, relax, focus and connect spiritually with the elohim (god) they are worshiping! YHVH (The LORD) gave us these answers 4000 years ago in His Words recorded by Moshe.

Do we see soul changes taking place via the use of anointing oils (which by the way all had aromatic substances in them) in Scripture?

‘’you have loved righteousness and hated wickedness. Therefore Elohim (God), your Elohim (God), has anointed you with ‘’the oil of gladness’’ beyond your companions;’’ Ps 47:7

Pro 27:9 ‘’‘’Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart,’’ and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.’’ Pro27:9

Isn’t this wonderful? There is more.

The Jewish sages tell us that when Machiach (Messiah) comes He will judge not by his eyes or ears but by His Sense of Smell! I find this fascinating as the Torah (Genesis-Deuteronomy) shows us that the highest form of worship is found in Temple service. This form of worship revolves around ‘’smell’’e.g. incense, offerings roasting on fire etc. with YHVH (The LORD) making proclamation that the righteous form of this worship is a pleasing ‘’aroma’’ and the unrighteous form of this worship is a ‘’stench’’ to His nostrils. We then have the 1st century writings also known as The New Testament tell us that every believer must live their life as a ‘’Living Sacrifice’’ and as we have just mentioned a righteous or acceptable sacrifice is described as being a ‘’pleasing aroma’’ to YHVH (The LORD). It fits in perfectly with the Jewish sage’s thoughts on how Machiach (Messiah) will judge us. Was our life a righteous and therefore pleasing aroma to YHVH (The LORD) or not?

I put it to you that this is the reason Adam is so obsessed with his own smell. When Adam was created and lived without sin, his soul was righteous and therefore the most pleasing aroma in the Garden of Eden. And from the moment he fell, he has never been able to regain or attain the same level of Kedushah (Holiness). As soon as Adam fell sin and death came rushing into his world and with it, foul odours. From that moment Adam’s soul has been literally trapped in a rotting carcass and he’s soul, through his sense of smell is painfully aware of his gradual death and decay. It is very interesting that Adam’s sense of smell was and is both his strong reminder of his decaying state and his imprisonment to ‘’olam ha-zeh’’ (this world), yet, it is also the avenue which allowed and still allows Adam’s soul to transcend ‘’olam ha-zeh’’ (this world) and peer into ‘’Olam Ha-Ba’’ (the world to come) by connecting him Spiritually with his Creator.

The enemy along with a few men who serve him, have ‘’helped’’ us forget the fact that all the above is achieved via prayer enhanced by true ‘’Torah based’’ mediation and aromatics. The aromatic anointing oils we offer are one part of the recipe, one step closer to the restoration of all things.

There is so much more to share on this topic of anointing oils. It really breaks my heart that we have wondered far away from our Creator and His Words so much so that at the very least we believe His natural Created Medicines are of none effective and at worst that His Natural Created medicines are some form of witchcraft. Because of this we struggle in many areas of our lives, and especially so when it comes to health. The evidence is clear, we are paying a very high price for our wondering away.

The time has come for change!

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In closing.

‘’Today, if you hear His Words do not harden your heart’’,

Join us, as we return to our Creators ancient path, for there we will all find rest for our souls.


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