An Ancient Secret to unlocking the Power of Prayer!

Wow this is such a amazing text!

This is one of the most important concepts in Scripture that unfortunately is hardly ever spoken about. This post is going to be long but well worth it, my beautiful wife is always reminding me to keep my posts short and unfortunately thats not going to happen today this is just too important a topic. So grab a coffee and your Scripture and prepare for your prayer life to be forever changed.

YHVH (The LORD) has a calendar and its not roman, The new year starts in March, April and the months start and end by the sighting of the moon. And thats not all, daily hours are counted not in 60 min sections but in 12 equal portions. Therefore ”Scripture hrs” are longer in summer due to longer daylight time and shorter in winter due to shorter daylight time. Now as with many things about Abba’s Word there is debate about each of these issues and we not gong to go into that now, the purpose of this section of this post is just to make those who are not aware, aware that Abba has His own reckoning of time that we have been ”helped” to forget.

With that said lets take a look at our focus text and especially at the portions that are highlighted, what can we learn?

1) There is a hour of prayer 2) That takes place at the Ninth Hour.

Why is this important?

Well Abba is all about appointed times, how can we verify this fact? Well all we have to do is look at nature and we will see witness that everything is set around chronological order aka TIME.

Is there a text that confirms this thought?

Jon 3:16 “For Elohim (God) so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Did you see it? No?

This is the importance of looking at the original language text. When we look into the ”original” (It is my personal belief that the New Testament texts were originally written in Hebrew but that is my opinion) where were we? Ah ….when we look to the original Greek text we see the word translated as ”world” is the Greek word Kosmos strong’s concordance number G2889 and when we look at the meaning of this word this is what we find.

an apt and harmonious arrangement or constitution,ORDER…the arrangement of the stars etc etc Scripture tells us the celestial bodies are basically a massive CLOCK (Gen 1:14) and clocks are all about………………………TIME.

Wow so when we look at the text in this new light we find that Messiah died to restore ORDER to creation! Why is this? Well sin came in and corrupted the ORDER and YHVH (the LORD) is a Elohim (God) of ORDER (1 Cor 14:33;40) and therefore Messiah was sent to restore ORDER and therefore all things.

Ok hang in there we getting to the point we just had to lay some foundations because I believe this is one of the keys we missing to unlocking favour from The Heavenly Court, the kind of favour we see the great Tzadakim (Righteous ones) having placed on them through out the Scripture.

In The Heavenly Court there is process to approaching The King, we must remember all earthly kingdoms are modeled of the Heavenly One and just as there is process in every earthly kings court, people don’t just randomly enter a human kings presence nor do they randomly speak, everything is set in order to show respect and honour to the king, so this process exists when entering The King and Master of The Universes Court.

Therefore we see prayer being carried out at a specific time in our focus text and more correctly when we look into other texts we will find that there are specific ”times” of prayer set out in Scripture, the ninth hour is one of seven daily prayer opportunities to approach and serve our King. Where do we get this idea from?

Ps 119:164 Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous rules.

Many claim King David to be the author of this Psalm and I tend to believe them as this Psalm is in my books possibly the most powerful Psalm of all. Read this Psalm with true meditation and you will see amazing things!

Ok so seven times a day David praises YHVH (the LORD) for His Righteous Rules.

What are those times?

1)Before sunrise 2)3rd hour 3)6th hour 4)9th hour 5)Sunset 6)3rd night hour 7)Midnight

The times are not specifically mentioned in the Tanakh (Old Testament). But we have these appointed times mentioned but no actual time given, we have the two Tamid (Daily) sacrifices one in the morning and one towards the evening at which time incense (the symbol of prayer Ps 141:2) was burnt in The Temple. We have Daniel praying 3 times a day. Then we have King David give witness of his practice of 3 appointed times (Ps 55:16-17) then we have King David tell us he praises YHVH 7 times a day as mentioned above, and in the same chapter we are given evidence for midnight prayer (Ps 119:62) we are also given evidence for prayer before sunrise (Ps 119:147).

In the NT we see evidence for prayer at the 3rd hr (Acts 2:15) 9th hour (Acts 3:1, Acts 10:3, Acts 10:30 ) Midnight (Acts 16:25) From the many things that have happened at midnight through out Scripture this is a very powerful appointed time of prayer from YHVH dealing the final blow to Egypt (Exo 12:29) to The Groom appearing at Midnight (Matt 25:6). Messiah gives a very interesting parable about a friend coming to ask another for ”bread” at midnight and the whole point of the parable is Messiah saying that surely if his friend comes to ask at that time he will give his friend what he asked for! amazing! read it. Luke 11:5-13 whats even more amazing is the fact that the whole chapter is about ”THE LORDS PRAYER!!!!!!! Could it be that Messiah gave us the actual prayer AND the time to say it?!

HaleluYah! I BELIEVE this to be SO!

Then to end off and this is so fitting we see these times playing a major role in the death of Messiah.

We see Messiah being put onto the cross at the 3rd hr (Mark 15:25)

During the crucifixion we see darkness cover the land at the 6th hr (Matt 27:45)

At the 9th hr Messiah gave up His Life (Matt 27:45-50)

All coincidence?

There is no concept or word in the Hebrew language for ”coincidence”!

There is more we could discuss but for now I think we have a decent picture and understanding of ”prayer times” please go over what I have shared with you and meditate on it.

In closing I am not saying that you cannot pray at any time I think if needs be we must pray as and when we need the King to ACT.

But with that said, I truly believe that the answers to ”True Favour” from our King in His Heavenly Court are clearly shown to our forefathers and elders who observed these appointed times of prayer, example after example through out Scripture.

These are our ”mentors” there is only one path and they have walked it, successfully, lets follow there example so that we to may have success.

Let us return to the ancient path walked by our forefathers and there we will find rest for our souls.

Selah. (Think deeply about what has been shared)


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