Aromatics - The Scent Through Your Skin

Scents play a big role in our lives. Some fragrances may recall memories or transmit sensations. Who has not felt better after going to the sauna with a eucalyptus smell? Or associated flowers` scents to the feelings of calm and peace? Aromatics took advantage of this basic human instinct to treat diseases, provide well being, skin care and relaxation. It can be defined as the therapeutic use of essential oils for prevention and/or auxiliary treatment of physical, psychological and energetic problems.

According to "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils", the favoured technique of aromatic practitioners is the massage, because it ensures that the oils are absorbed in the skin and into the blood stream. Another book, "Aromatherapy: Healing for the Body & Soul", emphasises the importance of rubbing the oil into the skin. The author, Kathi Keville, claims that the human touch warms the body, relieves stress, relaxes and encourages deep breathing.


Aromatics is known for bringing wellbeing and stress-relief to people, but this is only one of its possible benefits. This therapy has the ability to change the body's chemistry so that it encourages the body to function accordingly as well as control one's emotions and attitudes. The practice of aromatics supports a wide range of therapeutical uses such as:

- Reduction of pain, inflammations and spasms

- Stimulation of the immune system, hormone production and blood circulation

- Skin infections

- Addresses respiratory and digestive problems

- Emotional problems, like depression and panic


Essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin; they should be diluted in a carrier oil or cream. It is also suggested to do a patch test on the skin before using the essential oil, because some people can be very sensitive or have allergic reactions.

The "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils" warns that pregnant patients or ones who have diabetes, high blood pressure and epilepsy should take extra precaution when being massaged with some essential oils. It is recommended that they inform the aromatic practitioner about their condition.

Oil properties

The oils have different properties which help address various issues. Some of the most common essential oils Ancient Biblical Oils makes use of are:

Calming and Relaxation - Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard

Focus - Cedarwood

Energizing - Cinnamon

Cleansing – Frankincense

Uplifting - Cassia

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