Aromatics - Using Nature's Aroma to Address Issues

Aromatherapy makes use of the essential oils from the plants and other aromatic compounds to help soothe the human mind and cure certain illnesses. You can do it at home with the help of essential oils, perfume and cosmetics.

Aromachology studies the effects of different aromas on human behaviour. Certain aromas are believed to have a relaxing effect on our mind and body. Aromatherapy includes not only the use of essential oils, but also absolutes, hydrosols, infusion, phytoncides, and carrier oils. The absolutes are oils extracted by superficial fluid extraction, like the rose absolute. Hydrosols, like the rose water, are aqueous by-products after distillation. Infusions are the aqueous solutions of plant material. Phytoncides are the natural volatile organic compounds extracted from plants.

Aromatics can be done through inhalation. By taking baths, massages and compresses, the essential oils can be absorbed by the skin. Through gargling and oral rinses, they can be absorbed through the mucus membranes. Ingestion is another method to using aromatics.

The use of aromatics causes various therapeutic effects like the antiseptic effects, aesthetic effects, and psychological effects. it has powerful effects on the central nervous system and the metabolism. The use of aromatics is also known to heal depression, insomnia, acne, joint pains, stress, coughs, and other types of diseases. For the skin, the use of aromatics best solves acne and dry skin problems.

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