”hide not Thy Commandments from me”

”I am a stranger in the earth: hide not thy commandments from me.” Ps 119:19

This text comes from my favorite Psalm, Psalm 119 I believe is packed full of wisdom and therefore holds many great treasures.

About two weeks ago Adoni (my Master) opened my eyes to this text. I have have been searching and asking YHVH (The LORD) for answers becuase I desire to become a man like the great Tzadakim (Righteous men) like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moshe, Joshua, King David etc etc.

I especially admire King David and i believe its because YHVH (The LORD) gave King David an amazing amount of praise through out Tanakh, though nothing compares to the eternal honour YHVH (The LORD) bestowed on him by giving King David this title.

”A man after my own Heart”

I too desire to be a man after YHVH’s (The LORD’s) own HEART and I believe the answer ca be found in Ps 119:19.

There are two interesting things about our focus text.

1) I believe that any man who is able to make such a statement as

”hide not thy Commandments from me”

Is a man who is truly after YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Heart. King David truly believed that knowing and DOING YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Commandments was more valuable than any earthly treasure and pleasure.

and the question that has been heavy on my heat is

Do i believe the same?

Do you believe the same?

I will be honest with you I don’t, I desire to but it don’t. I simply do not ask YHVH (The LORD) to truly open my eyes to His Commandments, and its because if I am honest I am afraid of having to submit even more of my ”will” to His.

Though I do not vocalise it the witness my heart gives before my King is

”I have given so much up for You already, please don’t ask me for more”

Yet the crazy thing is I want what King David had, and get mad at times because YHVH (The LORD) has not give it to me!

The Second thing is, what did King David know and understand that I don’t that he asked YHVH (The LORD) to not hide His commandments from him?

Do we realise that it is a special gift from YHVH (The LORD) to be able to see and hear His Words? It is the ultimate gift and rare opportunity to have the chance to be counted amongst His ”Chosen Ones,” the ones who have been allowed to find His Commandments and DO them.

In closing, the sages tell us that the first letter of the Torah (Gen-Deut) is a ”Bet” and the last letter of the Torah is a ”Lamed” and when you combine them you can spell the Hebrew word ”Lev” which means ”Heart.”

Imagine that!

The Torah is YHVH’s (The LORD’s) HEART and i put it to you today that this is what King David understood and this is the reason YHVH (The LORD) Blessed him with a truly amazing life.

If only we like King David understood the difference between living in darkness and living in The LIGHT.

His Word has allowed me to catch a glimpse of life in His LIGHT, and now it is my utmost desire to be reborn a ”son of LIGHT.”

This is my hope and desire and prayer for us all.

Bevakasha (Please) YHVH (The LORD) Adoni (my Master) remove my heart of stone and the hearts of stone of my brothers and sisters. Bevakasha (Please) Adoni (Master) give us hearts of flesh that we too may become men an women after Your own HEART.



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