”LIGHT is your Best Security Option”

We had a break in two nights back. HaleluYah! All is well and the attempted robbery or whatever intended action they had was foiled.

My older brother and his beautiful family are visiting with us from California and all this happened on only their second night here with us. The intruders managed to break a window in the lounge and as they were entering into our home YHVH (the LORD) had it that my brother heard some strange noises and came out of his room to investigate and as the intruder was making his way through the window my brother put on his most Manly voice and shouted ”Hey what are you doing!”

HaleluYah when the intruders heard his Manly ”Teruah” (Shout) they fled the scene jumping over the wall, and quickly disappeared into the DARKNESS!

The next morning as we discussed the situation, trying to understand what the sequence of events where, why did they choose to break in through that window which is not in a very convenient place as Its pretty high off the ground BUT the reason for their choosing of that particular window quickly came to LIGHT, it was their number one choice because its situated in a unlit and therefore DARK corner of the house.

As we discussed which security options may have prevented the situation from taking place, I learned a Great Spiritual Lesson.

My brother made this profound statement ”You know what, ”LIGHT” is your Best Security Option” and as the words came off of his lips I just thought WOW, that is 100% true! Most people would not try and do anything like this with LIGHT illuminating their actions for all to see. If we had light shinning on that particular corner of the house those intruders would probably not tried to break in through there and if the entire house was lit up then our house would be a very unattractive and risky target for any thief.

As I pondered this profound statement I realised that Torah/Abba’s Word is a LIGHT and it is LIFE and ALL DARKNESS flees from it.

Ps 119:105 Your Word is a Lamp to my feet and a LIGHT to my path.

Jon 1:5 The LIGHT shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it

Whatever aspect of our lives we bring under The Torah’s Illumination, that part of our lives is LIT, SAFE and Flourishes with LIFE, and every aspect of our lives that we don’t bring under the Illumination of Torah is in DARKNESS and is an easy target and ENTRY point for The ENEMY!

I have a few places in my LIFE that I have purposely hid from Abba’s LIGHT, and if you anything like me you may have some too, BUT after this experience I realise that by these choices I have allowed the enemy to have multiple entry points into my life to do what he does best, which is?

Steal, Kill and Destroy!

Joh 10:10 The thief comes only to STEAL and KILL and DESTROY. I came that they may have LIFE and have it ABUNDANTLY.

I am done with my ”pet sins” and ”inconsistencies” these unprofitable dark corners of my life, I want My Kings FULL TORAH LIGHT Shinning Brightly on every area and aspect of my EXISTENCE!

I Choose Your LIGHT! I choose LIFE!

This is my prayer and hope for myself, my family and every one of you!

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