Look into The Heavens and Know!

This text just blows me away each time I read it.

I started reading the Psalms daily about 4-5 years ago and I tell you the treasures found in The Psalms are truly amazing. Our Jewish brothers have made a tradition where they read through the entire book of Psalms each month I been following this tradition for years using The Psalms as my ”9th hours prayers” If you not familiar with the concept of the ”9th hr appointed time of prayer” have a look at this post.


If you would like the Psalms schedule Google ‘’Daily Tehillim’’ and you will find options, personally I use Chabad.

Again we look at Psalms 119 what an amazing, amazing chapter with many answers to life’s questions contained in its 176 verses, this is truly one very special chapter of Tanakh.

With that said let’s get back to our focus text Ps 119:89, many a night I have gazed up into the heavens contemplating this text, and I will say to my wife what does it mean? How is Abba’s Word fixed in the Heavens? Here are a few things that pop into my mind and please if you have any insights please share them with us in the comments below we would love to hear what Abba has made known to you.

Well for starters our Fathers looked up into the Heavens and saw the very same thing we do! Just like we both gaze 1000’s of years apart into the very same Torah! The ancients from the beginning of time used the heavens to navigate distant and perilous journeys, risking life, limb and fortunes till they reached their intended destination – safe haven. How consistent is the witness of the heavens that ALL men ALL over the world generation after generation placed their lives and livelihoods on the line ‘’trusting’’ the fact that YHVH (The LORD) would, no matter the situation, consistently keep the ORDER of the Heavens fixed?

In the same way our fathers who were given the Grace to understand the deeper ‘’Truth’’ of the Heavens HaleluYah! Applied it not only to their physical travels but also, to their Spiritual walk and thus safely navigated the perilous journey through this world ‘’trusting’’ that YHVH (The LORD) would never change the fixed ORDER of His Word!

Now we understand one more reason why Abraham our Father was told to look into Heavens/Word/Torah/Messiah the guarantee of YHVH’s (The LORD’s) promise to him and He BELIEVED!

Why? He had trustingly navigated his household risking life, limb and fortune for 100’s if not 1000’s of miles, time after time, reaching his intended destination with pinpoint accuracy all via YHVH’s (The LORD’s) guaranteed fixed ORDER of the Heavens!

And it is written ‘’it was counted to him as righteousness’’

Does that sound familiar?

Is there text saying that if we likewise order our steps according to Torah/The Word we will be found righteous?

Deut 6:25 And it will be righteousness for us, if we are careful to do all this commandment before YHVH (the LORD) our Elohim (God), as he has commanded us.’

If your reading this today, YHVH (The LORD) wants YOU to KNOW that His promises are GUARANTEED and REPEATABLE just like ancient navigation via the Heavens!

Go out tonight look up into the Heavens and KNOW! Everything our Creator has promised for Blessing and Curse is TRUE and has been GUARANTEED from the beginning of TIME.

All we have to do to have what Abraham had is order our steps according to YHVH’s (The LORD’s) unchanging Word.

In closing Messiah gave us this interesting witness.

‘’If you are Abraham’s Children, then you would DO what Abraham DID’’

The True children of Abraham are identified by YHVH (The LORD) to be as the stars aka The unchanging Heavens – Word. The true Beni (Sons) of Abraham look exactly like The unchanging Word of YHVH (The LORD) not like Judaism, Christianity or islam (or anything in-between these three).

So now we know where we are and were we need to be and most importantly we have the map to get there.

Shalom for your journey.

Selah (contemplate deeply what has been shared)

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