More on Myrrh and "The Bride"

For a while we have been sharing the fact that we believe that ”Myrrh” has a very special place in the process of the preparation of ”The Bride.”

This idea comes firstly from the fact that Scripture is basically YHVH’s (The LORD’s – The Groom’s) Words or preparation manual to His Bride (Yisrael – made up of obedient Jews and obedient former Gentiles) and Myrrh just so happens to be the most mentioned aromatic in all Scripture.

Secondly modern science tells us that aromatics affect our mood, our motivation and our memory which are all things that play a major role in the building of any intimate relationship.

We understand this from our every day lives where aromatics in the form of modern man made chemical perfumes play a major role in the development and maintenance of all human intimate relationships.


When we start a new relationship we make sure we bath (Mikvah -ritual bath aka baptism) we Anoint ourselves with Oil – perfume (modern perfume is nothing more than ”fake chemical” Ancient Biblical Anointing Oil). We repeat this process ”Mikvah-bathing” and ”Aointing” even after marriage, each time there is a ”Special” bonding event with our spouses.

These practices are part of almost every human culture. Why is this, is it all just a massive coincidence?


YHVH (The LORD) is teaching us via the natural (our everyday experience) about His interaction and relationship with His Bride.

Is this a far fetched idea?

” For His invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” Rom 1:20 (ESV)

Any time we see Scripture focus on the interactions of a Man and a Woman we must sit up and pay attention as there is much for us to learn about what YHVH (The LORD) expects of us. With that in mind in the Text witness of Queen Esther being prepared for her King we see ”spices” mentioned and out of all the Ancient Biblical Aromatics ”Myrrh” is singled out by name, why? Is this just a random happening? No, there is not a single random word in YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Word, everything is strategically placed to allow those who ”seek” to ”find.”

Finally in the book of Songs of Solomon in the intimate interactions between King Shlomo (Solomon) the major Male figure representing YHVH (The LORD) and His Beloved, the major Female figure representing ”The Bride” aka Yisrael, we see Myrrh play another major role.

These witnesses alone should really make us sit up and pay attention, but is this all that YHVH (The LORD) gave us? Are there any other hints that we should be paying attention to?

A few days ago I believe YHVH (The LORD) showed me some very interesting hints.

Hebrew has a system of parent root words and just like all parents all their ”offspring” (words) are related and therefore share some meaning. Let us take a quick look at some very interesting words that are related to Myrrh, while we look at these keep in mind the concept we have been sharing about Myrrh and the Preparation and Scent of ”The Bride.”

The root word that Myrrh comes from is ”Marar” Strong’s H4843 and this is its meaning

According to the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of The Bible it means

1) bitter 2) weak

and these are some of its related words.

Hebrew ”Imaar” Strong’s Concordance number H563 which means ”Lamb” – this is very interesting especially so when we consider Scripture tells us that Messiah is ”The Lamb” and we ”Yisrael/The Bride” are His Body and therefore are a part of ”The Lamb.” Messiah is also ”The Good Shepherd” and we ”The Bride” are the sheep of His pasture.


Hebrew ”merôrâh” Strong’s Concordance number H4846 From H4843; properly bitterness; concretely a bitter thing; specifically bile; also VENOM (of a serpent): – bitter (thing), gall

This is very interesting in that there are Ancient cultures in that still use Myrrh as a anti venom snake bite treatment, wow!

That’s not all when we look to Scripture witness we find that ”Adam” (mankind in general) was ”The Bride” of YHVH (The LORD), and it it was via the serpents ”venom” (what came out of the serpents mouth) that caused ”The Bride” (Adam) to break the marriage Covenant with YHVH (The LORD) and allowed Death to enter this world. It is amazing that Messiah likened Himself to a serpent too.

” And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, 15 that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life.” Joh 3:14-15 (ESV)

It is very interesting that venom comes out of the mouth of a serpent and from the example in Genesis we see the serpents venom being his words, like wise when we look at Machiach (Messiah) ”The Serpent of Moshe” it is His Words (Venom) that (just like natural medicine teaches us) cancels out the venom (words) of the satan, and heals those who believe aka ”The Bride” from the deadly wound.

I believe there i much much more to be learnt from this concept however we just don’t have the time to get into today, truly YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Word is Amazing!


Hebrew ”mâhar” Strong’s Concordance number H4417 A primitive root (perhaps rather the same as H4116 through the idea of readiness in assent); TO BARGIN (FOR A WIFE), that is, to wed: – endow, X surely.


Finally the most awesome witness

Hebrew ”môhar” Strong’s Concordance number H4119 From H4117; a price (for a wife): – DOWRY.


Indeed Myrrh is a vital part of the perpetration of ”The Bride” both in a physical sense and MOST importantly from a ”Spiritual” sense.

This Aromatic no doubt was Created by YHVH (The LORD) to cause ”The Bride” to be motivated to pursue Righteousness, to cause ”The Bride” to have the correct positive emotions while going through the bitter trials of her preparation and purification and lastly to cause ”The Bride” to accomplish one of the most repeated and important instructions in Torah which is to REMEMBER Her Husbands Words!

All of the above are what modern science tells us are the effects of Aromatics on Adam (mankind).


May YHVH (The LORD) give us new hearts, hearts prepared to trust Him and His Words and return to ”The Ancient Path” for there and ONLY there we will find rest for our souls!


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