Myrrh, Breasts and Cancer?

Songs of Solomon 1:13 My beloved is to me a sachet of Myrrh that lies between my breasts.

Wow what an amazing text!

I seem to be saying that on almost every post lol!

However its true, what an amazing Elohim(God) we serve, His Words are Truth and so FULL of LIFE! There is a Torah teacher by the name of Brad Scott and I remember listening to a teaching of his a few years ago and he said something that has always stuck in my mind, he said something to the effect of ”may the scientists keep digging deeper and the deeper they dig for truth, one day they will find themselves staring face to Face with The Elohim (God) of Abraham, Isaac and Yacob.” In the last few months of researching the Scripture with regards to Ancient Biblical oils and healing, I have been truly blown away by what science is busy confirming every day as truth without knowing the fact that YHVH (The LORD) spoke these things 1000’s of years ago through His prophets. Today we have the honour, and great opportunity to honour our Kings Name and Word by pointing the attention of the world, who’s true religion is science, and saying ”guess what world, your new religion of science actually confirms that YHVH (The LORD) is Master and Creator of all, and His Word is The Ultimate TRUTH!” Why do I say that? Well look at our focus text. Song of Solomon 1:13 My beloved (YHVH) is to me a sachet of Myrrh that lies between my BREASTS. There is much to be discussed in this text but for now lets just focus on two aspects.

1) ((((NOTE THE SCENT)))) involved between Solomon who represents YHVH (The LORD) and His Beloved who represents ”The Bride/Israel/The body of believers.” I cannot stress how important this is, YHVH (The LORD) has on multiple occasions given us insight as to what He is looking for in ”The Bride” the entire Scripture is about that BUT here specifically HE gives us a direct answer to a scent that is present when HE is intimate with His Bride. If you looking to be intimate with Him why would you leave this aspect out? In human interactions between men and women being intimate one of the first things we do in preparation is bath (Mikvah) and put on perfume(Anointing oil is Biblical Perfume). We have walked away from this aspect of covenant intimacy with our creator at our own cost. Its time to return I am not going to go into details here as we have discussed this aspect in previous posts, if you have not read our previous post on ”Preparing a Queen” you simply must read it on our blog.…/preparing-a-qu…/

2) My beloved is to me a sachet of Myrrh that lies between my BREASTS. Interesting location don’t you think? I did a bit of research and found out this was a common practice of ancient women for the purpose of perfume themselves. I got to thinking that there is nothing written in YHVH’s Word in vain every detail is there for a reason, and YHVH (The LORD) placed it in my mind that I should look for evidence for Myrrh bringing about healing to women’s breasts and this is what I found. And you wont believe what I found. In a Study published in Phytotherapy Research during the month of March 2016 researchers found that Myrrh showed cytotoxic (causes cell death of cancer cells) action against four types of ”Breast Cancer” cells including the very aggressive HER2 positive and triple negative breast cancer cells!


Imagine that!


I don’t believe so!

And unlike man made chemical treatments that attack cancerous and healthy cells indiscriminately. YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Natural Created Medicines are intelligent and attack cancerous cells while supporting and protecting healthy cells. WOW.

3000 years ago this text was written and today science is confirming that YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Words are packed full of Wisdom and Truth, even in what seems like a random text.

There is so much more that YHVH (The LORD) has shown us regarding His Natural Created Medicines that will leave you awe of our Creator’s Word. For a sneak peek visit our blog home page and read our articles, for example.

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Not One of His Words will return void to Him!

Better we start paying careful attention to Them?!


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