‘’Pharaoh, let My People Go!’’

A thought from the Torah portion Bo.

Abba showed me something in the Torah portion this week that was very interesting. I usually start my week first thing sunday morning, by reading through the Torah portion for the week before I engage in any ‘’work.’’ I do this because I believe that YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Word is LIFE and The Foundation of all things, and this is my attempt at making a statement before my King and all His witnesses (all creation, yes including the satan) that YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Name and His Word are the most important things in my life and that it is my desire, though I fail at times, to make Him FIRST in all things. My favourite books of the Torah are BereShit (Genesis) and DeVarim (Deuteronomy). BereShit (Genesis) because I love my forefathers and mothers, what great men and women they are! How I wish I lived in their days and had the opportunity to live among them as a true ‘’adopted’’ son. Which would allow me to live without doubt in my heart (as I unfortunately have) as to whether I have found and actually live in Abraham’s ‘’house’’ or not. What do I mean? This going to take us off the original subject for a few minutes but I have to explain as this is very important. We all have been taught and claim to be adopted sons and daughters of Abraham, however like with most things in life and especially Torah (The Word) it’s easy to define ourselves into or out of any space, position or group as the enemy has taken Scripture, which is based in and consists of very solid actionable and quantifiable concepts and turned everything into mushy, emotional, ‘’spiritual’’ and unquantifiable sludge.

What do I mean by this?

Well being adopted into Abraham’s household looks something like this. A man or woman like you or I would have been walking through the wilderness and either by chance or with intent, would have come across Abraham avinu’s(our father’s) tent city/household. Once there we would ask to be taken to one of Abraham’s foremen. Once we were brought to him we would then ask for permission to reside among them, at this point if the foreman had the authority he would either agree and allow us to stay or he would take us to Abraham avinu (our father) and Abraham avinu would interview us to evaluate what may be in our hearts, and then depending on what he saw, he would make a decision if we could stay or not. If he made decision that we could stay, then from that point moving forward we would observe Abraham avinu’s (our father’s) lifestyle aka religion in action. We would see him literally walk out The Foundation of our Faith! We would observe him walking out Torah (YHVH’s Instructions for His Children) and enforcing it in his household, we would observe this process in his religious practices, values and judgments, in every one of his relationships, his business dealings, his military actions, his diet, his clothing etc. etc. With all this information clearly in front of us we would then have to make a decision, are going to stay and take on this lifestyle aka religion and be an active part of honouring and establishing Abraham’s lifestyle/Faith/Religion in service to Abraham’s Elohim (God) or not. Remember YHVH (The LORD) is the Elohim (God) of Abraham, Isaac and Yacob. YHVH (The LORD) never changes neither does His Word/Torah. He is the same yesterday (The time of Abraham and before) today (Now) and tomorrow (the future). YHVH’s (The LORD’s) True Messiah is (now) was (from creation to Abraham) and will be (the future) the same too.

What does this mean?

Well think about it, what would it take for Abraham avinu (our father) to one day at dinner lean over to Sarah our ema (mother) and whisper into her ear ‘’do you see Daniel over there, I am so impressed with that young man’s commitment to YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Words and to this family, I really believe that I should adopt him, and have him represent this families Elohim (God) and my name to all the world. I really believe he has shown that he deserves a share in the inheritance of my legacy with Isaac, I believe that he would be a great addition to maintaining the righteousness of this family.’’ This is what would actually have had to have happened. Now what we need to think about is, what would our standards of righteousness, loyalty, commitment and respect, need to be towards Abraham, his household and his Elohim (God) in order for this to take place?

Remember Messiah said?

Joh 8:39 They answered him, “Abraham is our father.” Yeshua (Jesus) said to them, “If you were Abraham’s children, you would be doing the works Abraham did,

What did Abraham do?

Gen 26:5 because Abraham obeyed My Voice and kept MY CHARGE, MY COMMANDMENTS, MY STATUTES, AND MY LAWS.”

Notice the ‘’My’’ before each of these things that were later written down by Moshe (Moses), none of the above belong to Moshe, they all belong to YHVH (The LORD).

Why is all this important?

There is a very real and solid ‘’definition’’ of Abraham avinu’s Household that we have been ‘’helped’’ to forget. Abraham avinu’s household is a very clearly defined, detailed, structured and orderly concept, yet in this modern world this simple truth has become so distorted, disorderly and subject to personal interpretation. Forgive me I am about to rant, and this rant is the result of an art exhibition I attend this week for the first time and probably last time, called ‘’first Thursdays.’’ This exhibition is held in the arty section of Cape Town’s CBD every first thursday of the month, hence the name. Thousands of people attend this monthly function, and the disturbing thing was that 90% of the works on display were so distorted, dark and undefined, with flashes of reality and order mixed in with fantasy, disorder, decay and death! I kid you not! And all of Cape Town’s cream of society stood before these works and celebrated and glorified the imaginations of their own minds via their own understanding and definition of the concepts at hand. This made me realise that, is this not what our world has become? This is what the leader of this worlds programming has been teaching us for years. Break down structures and rules, re-define and become whatever you want etc. etc. I could go on forever with this frightening situation, but I will restrain myself! Anyway the point is, this is the way we have been taught to ‘’observe’’ our world and everything in it, everything is about personal interpretation, and to our detriment this is the very same way we have been taught to observe YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Word.

So what then is the clear, simple, defined and actionable definition of Abraham avinu’s house?

Gen 18:19 For I have chosen him, that he may COMMAND (((((his children))))) and his HOUSEHOLD AFTER(all future generations) him to keep THE WAY of YHVH (the LORD) by doing RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE, (((((SO THAT))))) YHVH (the LORD) may bring to Abraham what HE has PROMISED him.” That’s pretty simple agreed?

Now all we need to do to be sure of what this text means is find out what YHVH’s (The LORD’s) definition of RIGHTEOUSNESS aka Tzadakah Strongs H6666 is (here is a hint Deut 6:25) so that we meet the one standard of the text quoted above, and then we must find out what YHVH’s (The LORD’s) definition of JUSTICE/RULES aka Mishpatim Strong’s H4941 is (here is a hint Exo 21). Gen 18:19 is so jammed packed full of information and words we need to understand, almost every word in it needed to be highlighted. Please, pay close attention to this text, go through it with a fine tooth comb, we all need to rightly define if we are in fact in Abraham’s avinu’s House or not, the difference is literally LIFE or DEATH.

In Closing let’s get back on topic.

I love The Book of DeVarim (Deuteronomy) because it teaches me that in order to take the promised land and to live in it and prosper, the Torah must be the foundation of every thought emotion and action. There must be rule of Law for lasting prosperity to take place, this statement when linked to religion makes the modern mind uneasy yet, we understand this completely when looking at how businesses work. Why do I say this? Well ALL successful multinational companies have very clearly defined constitutions and codes of conduct, and there is zero room for misconduct and or broad self-defined interpretation of company rules. Its truly amazing how the money god’s laws are practiced with such obedience and dedication through out the world with its differing cultures and languages. Another great example of laws giving prosperity, life and safety is our road networks. Across multiple counties, cultures and languages a Red light and a painted line clearly means stop! And nobody in their right minds from all the world’s diverse languages and cultures disagrees with this simple concept. Nobody dares ‘’spiritualise’’ or leave open to personal interpretation what a simple red light and a painted line means, why? Because we ALL truly believe and hold as truth, that if we don’t keep that simple instruction there could possibly be very painful and life threatening results! Imagine what could be possible if only we could have FAITH in and hold to be True YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Word, as we do a RED light and a line of paint?

Along with these two books I identify with and truly love the story of my ancient Israelite forefathers being set free from the tyranny and bondage of Mitzrayim (Egypt). I believe this is so because as I have shared before, there are so many parts/aspects of my life, both spiritually and physically that are in bondage and are suffering under Pharaoh and his kingdoms and hand. Each year when we get to this part of the Torah portion my soul cries out to YHVH (The LORD) for ‘’Salvation/Freedom’’ and as I have heard it said, that the sages say, we experience every week, aspects of the current Torah portion being played out in our lives, imagine that! It’s with that idea firmly set in my heart (and I must say I have experienced it and I would advise you to try and pay attention to this idea in your own life, and see if this is so for you too) I am always in such great expectation of finally being totally set FREE from the oppression and bondage of mitzrayim (egypt). However, and this is the point of the article. This sunday as I read through the Torah portion I experienced something that has changed my LIFE forever. Abba impressed something on my heart and mind that has filled me with HOPE and with FEAR, which are both great motivators for change, toda (thank you) Abba, and this is what it was.

For the past two weeks Moshe by YHVH’s(The LORD’s) command has been telling Pharaoh ‘’Let My People Go!’’ and not only ‘’let my People Go!” but more correctly ‘’Let My People Go so that they may SERVE ME!” And for the past two weeks Pharaoh has been playing all sorts of games, using delay tactics from out rightly refusing to let Israel go, to trying to make Am Israel (the people of Israel) compromise on their exit and service to YHVH (The LORD).

Exo 8:25 Then Pharaoh called Moses and Aaron and said, “Go, sacrifice to your Elohim (God) WITHIN THE LAND.” Then. Exo 8:28 So Pharaoh said, “I will let you go to sacrifice to YHVH (the LORD) your Elohim (God) in the wilderness; ONLY YOU MUST NOT GO VERY FAR AWAY. Plead for me.” Then. Exo 10:11 NO! GO, THE MEN AMONG YOU, and serve YHVH (the LORD), for that is what you are asking.” And they were driven out from Pharaoh’s presence. Then. Exo 10:24 Then Pharaoh called Moses and said, “Go, serve YHVH (the LORD); your little ones also may go with you; ONLY LET YOUR FLOCKS AND YOUR HERDS REMAIN BEHIND.”

That’s all Pharaoh does!

All he does, is frustrate and delay the very purpose and function of Am Israel (The people of Israel) all that he does is to try and keep Israel away from the amazing promises YHVH (The LORD) has set out for them by doing everything in his power to cause Israel to COMPROMISE and therefore to keep them in bondage and slavery!


And I am sure that you do too!

I have always been taught that mitzrayim (egypt) and pharaoh are a symbol of this world and its leader the satan and I would always wish that they would be destroyed suddenly and forever from my life, and I still do, HOWEVER, Abba pointed something out to me this week that truly shocked me.

While cursing mitzrayim (egypt) and pharaoh in my heart as I read the Torah portion YHVH (the LORD) gave me a ‘’King David’’ moment, and impressed this on my heart, these words!

Daniel, YOU ARE PHARAOH! You are keeping My Son in bondage!

Ah, oh! Excuse me Abba? forgive me, I don’t understand? I don’t mean to argue BUT I am the victim here?!

This is what I felt His response to be.

No Daniel, YOU are ALLOWING ‘’The Old Man/pharaoh’’ in you, to Rule over and Keep in Bondage “The New Man/Israel’’, my Reborn Son aka the adopted son of Abraham from being set FREE TO SERVE ME!


I didn’t want to accept this message, as there is a part of me who likes being the victim, I like having someone else to blame. But as I pondered on my life I realised that indeed it is true, I have been my own obstacle to FREEDOM, my own mitzrayim and pharaoh. It hasn’t been the outside world that has kept me from YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Covenant Promises, as I have thought and even comforted myself by thinking all these years, its been me, and the mitzrayim and pharaoh or my own heart, my ego and my rebellion, my failure to die to my own will (be born again) and live to YHVH’s (The LORD’s).

Freedom is sitting right in front of you and I TODAY!

It’s within reach!

It’s a simple choice and commitment to WALK righteously before YHVH (The LORD), that choice brothers sand sisters only YOU and I CAN MAKE!

We can do this! Today we can be FREE!

Pharaoh, I have a message for you from YHVH (The LORD)!


Selah (meditate deeply on what has been shared).


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