‘’Preparing a Queen’’

This is such an important subject for all Am Israel (The people of Israel aka The Body of Messiah), for the daughters of Abraham who are all princesses and future Queens of their own homes, the significance is easy to see, but this subject is equally significant for the sons of Abraham too, as together male and female we make up ‘’The Bride.’’

I think one of the first things we need to address with regards to the subject of ‘’Preparing a Queen’’ is what is a Kingdom?

It’s very difficult to understand how to be a Queen or what’s actually expected of us etc. if we don’t understand what a Kingdom is. So let’s look at the definition of this word ‘’Kingdom’’ which is defined as: a country, state, or territory ruled by a King or Queen. Therefore everything in a Kingdom revolves around the King or Queen and His or Her Authority. Now for us as Israel(The Bride/The Body), we are a Patriarchal society and therefore unlike the kingdoms around us we have always had Kings as rulers of our kingdom.

Now what is it that actually makes a King, a King, what separates him from every other Israelite man? Well firstly it’s ‘’OIL’’ why do I say that? Because it’s the Spiritual blessing of authority from YHVH (The LORD) to take that position that is most important. Every Israelite King had to go through this anointing process and become a ‘’Messiah’’ aka an ”Anointed One” in order to be able to ‘’save’’ and ‘’reign’’ over Israel.

1 Sam 10:1 Then Samuel took a flask of ‘’OIL’’ and poured it on his head and kissed him and said, “Has not YHVH (the LORD) anointed you to be prince over his people Israel? And you shall ‘’reign’’ over the people of YHVH (the LORD) and you will ‘’save’’ them from the hand of their surrounding enemies. And this shall be the sign to you that YHVH (the LORD) has anointed you to be prince over his heritage.

1 Sam 16:13 Then Samuel took the horn of ‘’OIL’’ and anointed him in the midst of his brothers

Now this was no ordinary anointing oil this was YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Personal blend, which is not allowed to be reproduced or placed on the body of any ordinary Israelite subject (tile of normal people in any Kingdom). This blend contained a unique blend of herbs and spices blended in Olive oil that once poured on the head of an ordinary subject empowered them with special power via YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Ruach (Spirit) and transcended them from the level of ordinary everyday Israelite men to the Spiritually empowered heights of ‘’Machiach’’ Rulers and Saviours of Israel. Is there evidence of this in Scripture?

1 Sam 10:6 Then the Spirit of YHVH (The LORD) will rush upon you, and you will prophesy with them and ‘’be turned into another man.’’

1 Sam16:13 Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and the Spirit of YHVH (the LORD) came mightily upon David from that day forward. And Samuel arose and went to Ramah.

I put it to you today that YHVH (The LORD) has set it out that we who live in this physical world must do ‘’physical’’ things in order to activate or access the Spiritual. We fast, which is the physical abstinence from food and that physical abstinence from food causes us to be able to access the Spiritual realm. We physically lift up our hands or kneel or lay prostrate when praying a physical sign of submission to The King when we attempt to access His Spiritual throne room. We eat clean physical foods so that we are spiritually clean etc. etc. But somehow we have been ‘’helped’’ to forget that the physical Oils and spices Abba has created have those same dual properties and affect us both physically and spiritually and He designed them to achieve this purpose. the satan did not design anything all he did and has ever did is take what Abba created for ‘’Good’’ and twist it and pervert its use for ‘’evil.’’ Almost everything in this world is neutral, for example.

Prayer is Good and perfect when directed to YHVH (The LORD) however prayer is evil when directed to any other elohim (god).

Praise and worship is Good and perfect when directed to YHVH (The LORD) however praise and worship is evil when directed to any other elohim (god).

Money is Good and perfect when used in obedience to YHVH (The LORD) however money is evil when used in obedience to any other elohim (god).

So too with anointing oils when used in obedience and honour to YHVH (the LORD) they are Good and perfect and physically and Spiritually empower us to serve our King and when used to serve another elohim they are then deemed as evil. I hope this makes sense? Of all that I am sharing with you today this may be the most vital aspect to understand. Do we see evidence in Scripture of the use of anointing oils and spices/Incense other than YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Personal blend having ‘’Spiritual’’ effect on those who use them?

Pro 27:9 ‘’OIL’’ and ‘’INCENSE’’ make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel.

Ps 45:7 you have loved righteousness and hated wickedness. Therefore Elohim (God), your Elohim (God), has anointed you with the OIL of GLADNESS beyond your companions;

Hang in there, we going to get to our subject of ‘’preparing a queen’’ but in order to fully appreciate the point we must lay down some foundations.

So where were we? Ah yes, physical anointing oils, which we understand from a Scripture perspective to be Olive oil mixed with herbs and spices and not Olive oil alone, we get this understanding via the example set by YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Personal Anointing Oil Blend. These anointing oils have physical healing properties and Spiritual properties that work on Adam’s (mankind’s) soul and can ’’help’’ produce soul change. From the texts above we see the empowering effect of ‘’gladness’’ on the soul of Adam (mankind) via aromatic anointing oils. Today we use perfumes, creams, soaps and bath salts etc. etc. all unfortunately infused with ‘’manmade’’ chemical scents trying to mimic the effects of what it is that our Creator gave Adam (mankind) in His natural created life giving aromatic anointing oils.

So finally we get to the crux of the matter what does all this have to do with our title, preparing a Queen? Unfortunately there is no information with regards to how Israel prepared their queens in waiting to effectively execute their future positions, however Abba was so gracious to us to give two beautiful examples that we going to look at.

Now this is ‘’the key’’ for all of us both male and female to understand the most important issue with regards to the preparation of a Queen, is to have the heart, understanding and commitment to do everything in our (I say our because both male and female make up The Bride/Queen) power to please, honour and establish the authority of our King. If we are able to achieve this then we have The Favour of The King and that is the single and most valuable thing in all of creation!

How do we accomplish this? By being a pleasing aroma in the Face of our King. How do we accomplish being a pleasing aroma? Well this is where aromatic anointing oils come in, they are one of the main finishing touches of completing a Queen/bride to meet her King. Remember king Solomon told us anointing oils and incense (perfume) make the heart glad, and Adam is created in YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Image and therefore it is safe to conclude that if aromatics make Adam’s (Mankind’s) heart glad they would make YHVH’s (The Lord’s) Heart Glad too. Could this be so? I believe so and this is the reason aromatics/Incense/perfume were instructed by YHVH (The LORD) to be used throughout Israel’s (The Queen/Bride’s) Temple services. Do we find evidence in Scripture of anointing oils and aromatics/perfumes being present in the process of establishing bonds between Husbands and Wives, Kings and Queens? HaleluYah! Yes we do.

As we mentioned before we have the example of Israel (The Ultimate Queen and Bride) serving Her Husband and King in the most intimate way in The Temple and anointing oils and aromatics playing a major role.

All the priests, the only people in Israel who were actually allowed to set foot in Abba’s dwelling were anointed and fragranced with Abba’s Personal Anointing oil blend.

Exo 30:30 You shall ANOINT Aaron and his sons, and consecrate them, that they may serve me as priests.

Every Mincha had to have Frankincense on it which was burned as Incense/perfume on the Altar.

Lev 2:1 “When anyone brings a grain offering as an offering to YHVH (the LORD), his offering shall be of fine flour. He shall pour oil on it and put FRANKINCENSE on it

Incense was burned twice daily in the Kodesh (Holy) Place, because YHVH (The LORD) our King desired beautiful fragrance in His ‘’Tent/House.’’

Exo 30:8 and when Aaron sets up the lamps at twilight, he shall burn it, a regular INCENSE offering before YHVH (the LORD) throughout your generations.

Wow imagine that Abba has fragrances that He ‘’likes’’ and has given us His list of preferred fragrances like Frankincense, Myrrh, Hyssop, Cedar-wood, Cinnamon, Aloes (Sandalwood) etc. etc. Are we paying attention to our Kings desires? Are we listening, or have we got so accustomed to another ‘’husbands’’ voice and are busying doing what pleases him, anointing ourselves with his anointing oils. How could that be? I put it to you that that’s exactly what the perfume aisles in any department store are filled with. Think about this, we come together on Shabbat with the desire of serving our King, yet how many of us have paid attention to our Kings desires as to His preferred fragrances? Or do we come into his presence wearing what the world says is pleasing fragrances? Now I am not saying you cannot wear manmade chemical perfumes, however what I am saying is have you ever thought of wearing a fragrance The King prefers as He has let us know via His Word? Especially when we have intent of trying to be intimate with The King via worship and or prayer?  I put it to you that we need to start paying attention to the details! Let me ask you this question, what gave Esther the advantage over all the other women? What won her the king’s favour and therefore the kings heart and with it the position of honour of being queen? Hold that very important thought for a moment.

Let’s bring our journey together to a close by listing the last two Scripture examples we have, and then let’s begin to attempt to bring all this information to an actual actionable process that we (The Bride) can actually adapt and put into practice.

Ruth 3:2-4 Is not Boaz our relative, with whose young women you were? See, he is winnowing barley tonight at the threshing floor. 3 Wash therefore and ANOINT yourself, and put on your cloak and go down to the threshing floor, but do not make yourself known to the man until he has finished eating and drinking. 4 When he lies down, notice the place where he is lying. Then uncover his feet, AND LIE DOWN THERE. He will make it clear what you must do.”

Here we have Naomi acting as counsellor and bestowing wisdom to Ruth/The Bride on how to secure the Husbands/King’s favour, let’s take a quick look at what she instructed.

  1. Wash yourself (Rev 7:14)

  2. Anoint yourself some versions will say put on perfume, anointing oils were/are ancient perfume. As King Solomon said anointing oils and perfume make the heart glad, Ruth’s fragrance was going to make her heart glad but most importantly it was going to make Boaz’s heart glad and this was exactly what Naomi wanted to achieve.

  3. Lay at his feet aka total submission, like we discussed earlier this is THE KEY of all keys and I will stress total submission is what YHVH (The LORD) requires as YHVH (The LORD) is not looking for a bride who has submitted 90 or 95 or 99% of her heart. No, He is looking for a bride who heart is 100% in submission to Him. Does that mean we don’t fall? No, Torah expects us to fall and it gives us the Instructions/Commandments of what to do to restore relationship aka Teshuva (Repentance) which is a full restoration to the required standards.

What was the result of the washing anointing and laying at his feet? Immediately Boaz got up and made arrangements to marry Ruth, coincidence? I don’t believe so!

For our final example we going to look at the Scripture example of Esther’s process of becoming a Queen and see if we can find any similarities.

The first and most important thing we must understand from the witness given in the book of Esther is that there was a King and a Queen, the Queen was removed because of one thing and one thing only, her refusal to submit to her King. A righteous woman, a woman who had the heart, understanding and commitment to do everything in her power to please, honour and establish the authority of her King, was the woman that was sought after. These are the identifying qualities of Queen Esther, and these, I believe are the identifying qualities of the ‘’True Bride.’’

Est 2:8-9 …….Esther also was taken into the king’s palace and put in CUSTODY OF HEGAI, who had charge of the women. 9 And the young woman PLEASED HIM and WON HIS FAVOR. And HE QUICKLY PROVIDED HER with HER COSMETICS and HER PORTION OF FOOD, and with seven chosen young women from the king’s palace, and ADVANCED HER and her young women TO THE BEST PLACE IN THE HAREM.

Brothers and sisters, Israel aka The Bride, Shema (Hear)! This is the only Biblical YHVH (The LORD) ordained key to righteous favour. This is our Key to serving YHVH (The LORD) and getting His Favour there is no other way. Ladies my beautiful sisters and queens of Israel this is the only way to getting true favour with you husband/king there is no other way. Scripture over and over uses this picture of YHVH (The LORD) being the Husband and Israel the wife. We literally play out the process of Salvation in our homes every day. Adam was the first human King and Chavah (Eve) the first human Queen both created in the image of YHVH (The LORD) were united via marriage covenant to accomplish the purpose of being the representatives of YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Image on earth! When Chavah obeyed a different voice other than that of her Kings (Adam and YHVH) the stage was set and when Adam submitted to the voice of his Queen over his King (YHVH), the flood gates of sin, destruction and death opened up, and with that  the satan took ruler ship of this world. I put it to you today that Salvation is won or lost by the success or failure of each son and daughter of Adam and Chavah, to restore the ORDER set out by YHVH (The LORD) in the beginning, in their own marriage covenant. If successful, they restore the ‘’Image’’ of YHVH (The LORD) in their homes and this world. I personally believe that this is what The Final Judgment will be all about, YHVH (the LORD) will destroy everything that does not look like what He intended it to. Everything that has perverted His Image will be removed and thereby He will restore ALL THINGS.

There is so much more to be said but I think we are probably running out of space and time, so let’s bring everything to a close.

Est 2:12 Now when the turn came for each young woman to go in to King Ahasuerus, after being twelve months under the regulations for the women, since this was the regular period of their beautifying, six months with OIL of MYRRH and six months with SPICES and OIL for women– 13 when the young woman went in to the king in this way, she was given whatever she desired to take with her from the harem to the king’s palace.

Notice the process of preparation using ANOINTING OILS which again I must remind are not Olive alone, but Olive oil with aromatics. Here in this text Myrrh is specifically mentioned. Why Myrrh? Myrrh has a beautiful sweet smell and is even more beautiful when mixed with other aromatics. Myrrh has the spiritual quality of Humility, why do we believe this to be so? Because Myrrh is from the root word marar strong’s H4843 which means bitterness or weakness, HaleluYah! This is the reasoning, having authority over us can lead to only two things. Either we become angry and have bitterness, which is also the root word for one of the Hebrew words that means rebellion, and we will rebel OR we will submit our will and become ‘’weak.’’ This same Hebrew word is also the root to a Hebrew word that means Lamb! Wow HaleluYah! Is that not just astounding? Depending on our reaction to the authority over us we either ‘’rebel’’ in bitterness and become a stench to YHVH (The LORD) or we submit and walk ‘’humbly’’ before our King and become a lamb and a part of His Flock!

What does Esther (The Bride) choose to do?

Est 2:15 When the turn came for Esther the daughter of Abihail the uncle of Mordecai, who had taken her as his own daughter, to go in to the king, SHE ASKED FOR NOTHING EXCEPT WHAT HEGAI THE KING’S EUNUCH, WHO HAD CHARGE OF THE WOMEN, ADVISED. Now Esther was winning favor in the eyes of all who saw her. 16 And when Esther was taken to King Ahasuerus, into his royal palace, in the tenth month, which is the month of Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign, 17 THE KING LOVED ESTHER MORE THAN ALL THE WOMEN, AND SHE WON GRACE AND FAVOR IN HIS SIGHT MORE THAN ALL THE VIRGINS, SO THAT HE SET THE ROYAL CROWN ON HER HEAD AND MADE HER QUEEN INSTEAD OF VASHTI.

In closing let us return to YHVH (The LORD) with all our hearts souls and strength in 100% submission to our Great and Merciful King, this is the most important key above all that we have shared. Secondly in preparation of ourselves to meet our King, let us follow the examples given to us in YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Word, let us return to the ancient path, let us start using the anointing oils and Incense/perfumes that He Desires and has created to assist us to draw closer to Him.

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