The Power of Prayer in Action!

I found this very interesting!

A week or so ago we shared with you all the ”appointed times of prayer” and how we have used the daily Psalms as our 9th hour payers. If you haven’t read the post I high recommend you do I guarantee you your prayer life will never be the same again!

Well today it is reported that 70 nations would meet to add pressure to cause Israel to give up more of The Land of The Covenant.

Well the amazing thing is todays Psalms schedule was 83-87 and Psalms 83, the very first Psalm in todays schedule is all about the nations trying to destroy Israel! Is this a coincidence that 1000’s of those who read/pray and meditated on the monthly Psalms schedule today all prayed in support of Israel on this particular day, the day the 70 (Scriptural number used through out Scripture to mean all the nations of the world) come against Israel?!

I don’t believe so!

For those who would like to use the daily Psalm schedule please find the chabad link I use below.…/tehillim…/jewish/tehillim-psalms.htm

In closing no matter our personal views vs 2 of Psalms 83 tells us these people who try to destroy Israel hate YHVH (The LORD) and are His enemies! Imagine that!

I would not like to to counted among that group of people!


Update! The meeting ended without the nations making a major advancement on this issue, could it have been because of the prayers said that day by 1000’s all over the world?

HaleluYah I believe so!

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