YHVH (The LORD), The Strong Tower!


Wow, so YHVH’s (The LORD’s) Name is a ”Strong tower.”

Now the first thing is The LORD is a ”title” and not a ”name” such as Mr, Sir etc etc. It is a title given to any human or deity who has authority. So when we call on ”the LORD” as we have been taught we actually not calling on The Creators Name as the Scripture instructs but instead calling on a title.

Now the Strong tower we all need is the ”Name” YHVH not the title.

There is debate as to how you pronounce The Name YHVH but thats for another time. But here are a few common ways YaHoVah YaHWeh, YaHuAh etc etc. Now which is 100% correct I do not know and unfortunately there is no voice recording from the time Moshe (Moses) Heard and wrote YHVH Name down for us. So we have no option but to wait for Messiah to come and reveal which is the correct pronunciation. But this is not the point of the post the point is we need to start using His Name as that is where the refuge is!

Now calling on the Name of YHVH does not mean simply calling on a Name, it must be followed by the ACTION of RUNNING into His Name.

Now in Scripture a persons Name is there ”Character” where do we find YHVH’s Name/Character/Will?

In His Word.

That is where we must RUN (SWIFT ACTION) into and we will be SAFE!

1)Call on the actual Name of YHVH. 2)RUN into His WORD, 3)Dwell in it, Live it aka be RIGHTEOUS.

And you will be SAFE!


We will be publishing a mini e-book on the 28th of FEB 2017 that is going to contain some truly fascinating revelations YHVH (The LORD) has allowed us to see in His Word regarding how Ancient Biblical Healing worked and most importantly still works today.

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