Your Troubles The Door to your Hope!

This is a prophecy for the end of days and like most Bible prophecy it has its fulfilment in numerous physical and spiritual ways.

So no doubt this will be fulfilled physically one day.

However I would like us to turn our attention to the Spiritual fulfilment of this text which I believe will come into fulfilment in almost every believers process of coming out of “Egypt/The World” and becoming Kodesh (Holy/Separate).

We must all be taken out of Egypt and taken directly into the wilderness, Abraham experienced this process our forefathers experienced this process coming out of Egypt, king David experienced this process and so did Messiah.

So what is so interesting about this text?

Well for starters the Hebrew word for wilderness and the Hebrew word for “Word” are related and I find that fascinating as YHVH (The LORD) seems to be saying only once we have come out of the world and are separate are we then in a position to hear His Words!

The second interesting point in this text is that YHVH then tells us the valley of achor will become a door of hope.

Now that doesn’t really say anything to my English mind but when you look at the meaning of the word “achor” in Hebrew something fascinating takes place as the word achor means “Trouble”.


So this is what YHVH says

You must come out and be separate from the world and you will go into the wilderness a hostile and sometimes lonely place and you will face TROUBLE there (((BUT))) if you hold on in faithfulness the trouble you are facing will become a DOOR OF HOPE!

Hang in there, prophecy is unfolding in your life!

He will come through for you!

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